Distant, red planet resembles Mars. Expanzive deserts, canyons & rock formations. Thick clouds, lightning storms, & ice caps possible.
Logo of Sigma Centauri video game.

Sci-fi MOBA game

Welcome to Sigma Centauri

a work-in-progresss sci-fi MOBA

Sci-fi MOBA

Sigma Centauri is a fast-paced, semi-realistic sci-fi MOBA where players navigate a universe of cosmic horrors, piloting unique, customizable spacecraft in strategic, team-oriented battles, enhanced by dynamic events and a clan-based community system.


Icon of spacecraft on yellow background.

Customizable Spacecraft

Pilot and personalize your spacecraft, with unique abilities and designs.
Icons showing arrows pointing diagonal on green background.

Dynamic Gameplay

Engage in strategic team battles, navigate through celestial terrains.
Icon of galactic system on red background.

Immersive World

Explore a semi-realistic universe inspired by iconic sci-fi works.

Story of Sigma Centauri

After a catastrophic event on Earth, humanity’s last hope lies in the distant reaches of Sigma Centauri. Here, amidst the remnants of cosmic conflicts and the allure of a powerful substance known as “Stellara,” two factions emerge – the authoritarian Loyalists and the democratic Freethinkers


Immerse yourself in a dystopian soundscape, with heavy synth processing and glitchy elements that amplify the tension and wonder of space exploration, all crafted by artists inspired by Jamez Dahl and Ben Frost.

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Become part of Sigma Centauri’s growing community. Engage in forums, participate in events, and influence the future of the game. Your journey through the cosmos begins here.